What do my clients say? 

Jan is one of the best.  I felt very reassured about my divorce and confident that Jan was the right decision.  She is a good person and very understanding and helpful.  She knows her stuff.

- lawyerratingz.com

Jan was the best decision I had made when it came to looking for a lawyer.  I had another lawyer prior to her and was not happy with that lawyer.  After meeting with Jan I had a sense of relief an confidence.  She listened to all of my concerns.  She provided knowledge, council and advice and laid out my options and potential outcomes.  I found that because of her I gained confidence and understanding.  if you are wanting a lawyer who has passion for helping people, reliable and wanting to ee you succeed, Jan is the lawyer for you.

- lawyerratings.com

Jan has been my lawyer on several matters.  ie real estate and wills/trusts.  I found her to be excellent - efficient, thorough and personable.  She worked with my hectic schedule and gave me great legal advice.  Highly recommend her!


I hired Jan when I was going through my difficult separation and divorce and she was wonderful!  She was up front and honest about every aspect of my life, and made the process a lot more easy to handle.  She made the process a lot more easy to handle.  She made sure that i reviewed all letters and documents before they went out to ensure that I was agreeable with everything that was being done in my file.  I am glad I hired her and am not sure I could have done it without her!


Jan was good at keeping me in the loop and providing me any correspondence required.  She provided good judgment and i completely trusted her to handle my case.  She was fair and honest about options for handling the situation.  However, I was disappointed when several months had passed and I thought things had wrapped up and i received a bill for her services because she had been delayed in her billings.